Meet the Team

“We believe that without good people, you cannot offer a good service.”

At Biotane Fuels, we take pride in our employees. We believe that without good people, you cannot offer a good service. The team at Biotane Fuels was built with this principle in mind.


Curtis Wright

Division Manager of Methyl Ester & Glycerin Production

(800) 975-6677

Curtis Wright supervises all aspects of the Biotane Biodiesl plant production and management operations. Curtis is a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry and a Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering and has a concrete background in chemical processing. He designed and developed the Biotane plant, and actively oversees daily operations. If you have a question about how Biotane is made, Curtis is the man to ask.


Lee Muñoz

Biotane Production Manager

Lee manages Biotane inventories, quota fulfillments, raw material orders, and scheduling. Supervising Biotane production operations is serious business. His sharp eye and commitment to detail are crucial in maintaining steady operations and quality production.


Joseph Boyd

Lab Manager

A graduate of the University of Michigan with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Joe manages the Biotane laboratory and oversees quality control. He is responsible for establishing lab analytical procedures, maintaining and calibrating equipment, and certifying analyses of Biotane fuel. He is also involved in evaluating samples of feedstock and other co-products. Joe implements research and development testing processes, troubleshoots production quandaries and develops new processes within the Biodiesel plant.


Jim Bennett

Sales (760) 578-3439

Jim is a veteran of the fuel and oil business, and is responsible for sales of Biotane fuel. Jim can answer customer’s questions about Biotane biodiesel, from technical questions about use and handling, to how to purchase, store, and pay for it. In addition, Jim has become an expert in sustainability loops, whereby a company provides used cooking oil in exchange for biodiesel. Contact Jim if you are interested in buying Biotane biodiesel or establishing a sustainability loop for your company.


Eric Kayser

Inventory/Dispatch (800) 975-6677

Eric works extremely hard, doing daily inventory in the Biotane plant. He knows where every drop of Biotane biodiesel is at any time. In addition to controlling inventory, Eric does all of the purchasing for our bulk chemicals and dispatches our drivers to deliver loads of Biotane.


Patty Vasquez


Patty is responsible for invoicing all of the Biotane fuels clients. She is also in charge of maintaining RIN accounting, tax payments, and other Biotane related accounting functions.