Biotane Blends

Biodiesel can be used alone (B100) or blended with petroleum diesel in any proportion. The most commonly used blends are featured below.


B5 Biotane Biodiesel is approved for use in auto diesel engines and can be blended and sold with no additional modifications required. Actually, there’s a good chance that your already running a B5 biodiesel blend in your diesel engine because federal law allows for biodiesel to be blended up to 5% without being reported.


B20 Biotane Biodiesel is officially recognized as a motor fuel and has its own specification of ASTM D 6751. B20 biodiesel is approved for use in any diesel engine and is the most commonly used blend of biodiesel.


Biotane Biodiesel B99 and B100 is essentially the same product. B100 is a pure fuel and contains no petroleum diesel. B99 satisfies the federal tax requirements for a blender’s tax credit.